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No matter what kind of photography you love, how long you’ve been doing it, or how big (or small!) you want to grow… these courses are designed to help you get better fast with actionable insider lessons, and build a successful & profitable photography career.

ATTENTION: These courses are not for beginners. Most assume you have a solid understanding about the basics of photography (aperture, shutter speed,..) and know how to use your camera. But if you’re looking to “get unstuck” or “level up”, this is for you.

Online Photography Courses

Badass One Light Portraits

Baddass One Light Portraits is our best-selling course, and it’s a complete course about mastering the art of using just one light to create amazing images. Perfect for beginners to get their feet wet with artificial lighting, or experienced photographers to brush up on the basics and learn some new things along the way.
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Lighting With Color

Lighting With Color teaches you everything you ever wanted to know about lighting with color gels, and shows you how to use this knowledge to infuse your images with subtle or vibrant colors.
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Other Products

The Photographer’s Playbook

These ready to use answers and email templates will help you kick-ass in every (difficult) photography business conversation imaginable. Whether you’re dealing with clients, models, partners or friends.
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I’ve been to workshops. I’ve bought many online courses. But none of them really taught me anything new. You’ve delivered game-changer after game-changer to my photography… THANK YOU! And keep up the great work!


Claire Gillo


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Before finding PD, it was “education overload!” I was in this cycle of of buying courses and books but not actually doing anything with them. But that’s since changed. Through using your course, I can honestly say I’ve learned so many hand-on tricks to improve my photography.


Sarah Van Looy